Mornos Lake part I

Mornos Lake is an artificial lake created in 1979 by constructing a dam in Mornos Riverhaving to cover the needs for the water supply in the city of Athens. The total area of ​​the lake, which corresponds to its average level, is about 15.5 square kilometers, making it the ninth largest artificial lake in Greece.

The lake is located in the center of Fokida prefecture, covering with its water a basin to the west of Lidoriki, formed between the mountains Giona and Vardousia. 

Driving around the lake is a great experience and provides a vast array of places to photograph. I have visited quite a few times Mornos and each time I found beautiful spots for landscape photography.

This one is a favourite picture for me. One of my first efforts with slide film, the fantastic Fuji Velvia 50. Shot with a Leica M1 camera and a 50 years old Leica Elmar 50mm lens, using a handheld light meter to set proper exposure. Velvia is the best landscape film ever made with a unique saturated look and colour palette. It is also a very difficult film to shoot due to its very limited dynamic range (four to five stops), but if you nail the exposure, the results are always very rewarding!!

One more image shot with film and the medium format camera Mamiya 645. This view is from the long bridge of the lake and you can see the landscape and some of the old village houses that were covered by the lake when the dam was created.

These old houses can be seen better in this photo. It’s an infrared capture converted to black and white.

As you can see, the round of the lake has many great locations to shoot different landscapes, and Mornos Lake still is one of my favourite places for making images. I will post more images from this beautiful place in a future post.

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