Infrared images with B+W 093 filter

Most of my infrared photos are taken with a B+W 092 filter (Hoya R72 filter is also equivalent). When I need a much more dramatic infrared look I use the B+W 093 filter.

The B+W 093 Filter makes it possible to capture images of how subjects are illuminated by infrared light by blocking near-infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light waves while allowing approximately 88% of infrared light waves 900nm or greater into the lens it is mounted onto.

This will give a pure black and white look with heavy contrast which cannot be processed to a false color photo in post. Most of the times you will need a tripod even with a IR sensitive camera like my Leica M8.

It’s not a filter for everyday use, but it can give you with the right lighting conditions and subject a unique looking image.

Here are some images taken with Leica M8 and B+W 093 filter.

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